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Interesting about sewing accessories

Fittings - an accessory or part of a design?


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Hardware is a word found in our daily lives. Present in various fields: sewing, culinary, manufacturing, manufacturing, industrial, household, every day, window, haberdashery, furniture. Accessories are needed to create a comprehensive finished product, element. I suggest paying attention to sewing accessories. Sewing accessories — a category that occupies a special place in the life of a person ..

Instructions for using the press to install accessories!


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Dear users and customers of the site, a gold tailor, I want to tell you about how and with what it is possible to install sewing accessories not only in workshops, but also at home. I will try to use the simplest statement. The manual pre-revolutionary methods of the hammer and chisel will immediately be thrown back. Consider the most common, inexpensive and relatively high-quality press for inst..

Discounts for regular and wholesale customers!


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    Discounts on the site of sewing accessories and fabrics "Golden Tailor" are provided to all customers who make out an order. To do this, you need to buy a product multiple of the packaging, or be a permanent registered customer. In the card of each product under the name is indicated a discount when buying a certain amount. Basically wholesale prices are indicated by an amo..