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Fittings - an accessory or part of a design?


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Hardware is a word found in our daily lives. Present in various fields: sewing, culinary, manufacturing, manufacturing, industrial, household, every day, window, haberdashery, furniture. Accessories are needed to create a comprehensive finished product, element. I suggest paying attention to sewing accessories. Sewing accessories — a category that occupies a special place in the life of a person ..

Instructions for using the press to install accessories!


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Dear users and customers of the site, a gold tailor, I want to tell you about how and with what it is possible to install sewing accessories not only in workshops, but also at home. I will try to use the simplest statement. The manual pre-revolutionary methods of the hammer and chisel will immediately be thrown back. Consider the most common, inexpensive and relatively high-quality press for inst..

Discounts for regular and wholesale customers!


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    Discounts on the site of sewing accessories and fabrics "Golden Tailor" are provided to all customers who make out an order. To do this, you need to buy a product multiple of the packaging, or be a permanent registered customer. In the card of each product under the name is indicated a discount when buying a certain amount. Basically wholesale prices are indicated by an amo..

Leather Mulberry bags how to choose the original?


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The winter goes at full speed, and fashionable houses as always on a step ahead and already in all are occupied with advertizing of new fashion lines, footwear and accessories. So the other day the English Mulberry brand known for the firm bags presented the advertizing campaign devoted to the forthcoming season spring-summer 2014.The famous top model Kara Delevin took part in a fashionable photos..

Leather Chanel bags: ruler spring-summer 2014


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Women of fashion of the whole world, tremble, the luxury Chanel brand once again opened the doors to the world of the French chic and magnificence embodied in the delightful, enjoying improbable popularity accessories. The other day the well-known fashionable house officially presented to public a spring and summer collection of leather bags 2014.It should be noted at once that the design group tr..