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Textiles camouflage - buy wholesale and retail with delivery to the address

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Textiles camouflage - buy wholesale and retail with delivery to the address
The camouflage fabric category occupies a special place among the entire variety of fabrics. This is perhaps the youngest of all types of tissue. Camouflage fabrics are made on the basis of such fabrics as: Greta, Oxford, Fleece, Rip Stop, Kardura, Serge, and many others. Camouflage fabric is a specific direction. Initially, camouflage was used exclusively in war, when it was necessary to hide from an opponent, confuse him, or so that the commanders saw their wards by the color of their uniforms. Today, all the armies of the world have their own camouflage fabric, which differs in types, types, colors. So, the standard camouflage colors are: forest, desert, jungle, winter, and bush. Non-standard: oak, cabbage, reeds, spectrum, vertical, for marines, digital flora and many others. Over time, this type of fabric has grown into our daily lives. Now it’s hard to imagine a lover of fishing, hunting, orienteering, a geologist, a tourist who would not be dressed in camouflage fabric. And do not forget about the current fashion trend of punks who also use camouflage for casual wear. So, we see that camouflage fabric is a fashionable trend. On the street you can see overalls, suits, vests, pants, backpacks, skirts, jackets made of camouflage fabrics. In military matters, even cars began to be decorated to match the colors of camouflage fabrics. What attracts the attention of so many people to this type of fabric? Everything is very simple: camouflage fabric has a diverse number of camouflage colors (dirt is less noticeable), the fabric is breathable, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, durable. Most camouflage fabrics are fireproof and waterproof. That is why the online store of sewing accessories has opened a camouflage fabric section. Here you can find a wide range of camouflage fabrics in a variety of colors. If you doubt the colors, a gold tailor will help you. We can send you tissue samples or choose the fabric according to your parameters. On the site of the golden tailor you can buy fabrics of various types wholesale and retail from 1 meter, or in rolls. We will be happy to select the necessary threads, clips, zippers, buttons, buttons, fasteks, and everything you need for your product for your fabric color. Only on the website of the golden tailor's sewing accessories can you buy the whole range of sewing accessories, equipment and fabrics without leaving your home, while receiving a discount or free shipping. We are always glad to cooperate with you. We do not stop there! We are constantly updating and replenishing our range! Camouflage fabric is widely used in daily life, its properties make it possible to manufacture products increased wear resistance, fireproof and waterproof. The site "goldtailor" You can easily buy a camouflage fabric 1 m. The range of colors is very wide.
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