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Termopistol - buy wholesale and retail with delivery to the address

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Termopistol - buy wholesale and retail with delivery to the address
Initially, thermo pistols did not find their popularity. For many years this equipment was used only for some purposes. And now? Look, in any industry a thermo-glue gun is an indispensable tool. The hot gun got its name due to its similarity to the weapon. So, a thermo gun is equipment that is used for dosed supply of hot glue. We can see the thermo-glue gun in the work of builders, needlewomen, seamstresses, designers, florists, in general, in almost all areas of our lives. Even paintings are already painted with the help of a thermo-glue gun! The advantage of a thermo-glue gun is that it can glue any material: plastic, wood, metal, cardboard, fabric, ceramics, rubber, glass and many others. The next advantage of thermo guns is that nowadays they are produced with many additional functions: with a flashlight, cordless, with the ability to vary the temperature, with the ability to change the diameter of the glue drop. Thermo pistols are conditionally divided into domestic and industrial. What is the difference? Everything is very simple. Household thermo-glue guns are designed for rare use and with a short duration of time. Industrial thermo-glue guns are designed for streaming production, that is, they can work continuously and often. When choosing a thermo glue gun, it is very important to understand the purpose for which it will be used. When buying, pay attention to the trigger, the power of the thermo gun, the speed of the thermo gun, the presence or absence of additional functions, the diameter of replaceable cartridges. You can not bother with such a wide list of characteristics, but simplify your life. Leave this headache to the golden tailor online sewing accessories store. You can buy from us: silicone sticks for a thermo gun of various diameters, thermo guns for silicone sticks with a diameter of 7 mm, hot glue guns for silicone sticks with a diameter of 10 mm and other types. So, all that is required of you is to make an order in the online shop of the sewing accessories golden tailor or call us back, and we will select the best thermo gun for you. You pay — we ship. And here your ideas are inexhaustible. You start to create, and stopping you are simply impossible. Therefore, look at the website of the sewing accessories gold tailor again, and here you can find everything that you lack to complete the image, product, and at the same time you will already receive a discount, as our regular customer. Golden tailor is caring for every client. A wide range of Melt for patchwork and wholesale and retail hendmeyd 1 pc, personal approach, very low prices, fast delivery