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Discounts for regular and wholesale customers!

Discounts for regular and wholesale customers!

2015-08-15 12:37:59   0   662

    Discounts on the site of sewing accessories and fabrics "Golden Tailor" are provided to all customers who make out an order. To do this, you need to buy a product multiple of the packaging, or be a permanent registered customer. In the card of each product under the name is indicated a discount when buying a certain amount. Basically wholesale prices are indicated by an amount multiples of the package, box or box.

    On the site "Golden Tailor" customers can get statuses and be connected to a dedicated client group. For unregistered customers who place an order for the first time, prices for the group "Novichok" are presented. To receive a discount and the corresponding status, you should follow the rules of the site, make purchases on the site or be a partner of the site, namely, to provide services or to be the owner of the corresponding resources. Customers who want to earn on the processing of prefabricated orders receive the status of "Collective Orders". How it works? You make out an order for a certain amount of goods for several of your customers, while the discount from the website price for this group is up to 14% for any quantity of goods. This is your privilege, because to receive a discount to an ordinary buyer you need to order a multiple of the package. Below are the groups of customers who, in the course of using the Golden Tailor website, receive discounts when purchasing furniture and fabrics.


    Customers who have placed an order for the first time. Basket without a minimum order, discounts (up to 10%) are provided for the purchase of goods, multiple packaging or box. The wholesale price changes automatically. Cash on delivery is sent by the transport company Nova Poshta. Possibility of registration of orders without registration. Have the opportunity to study all the materials of the site.


     Registered customers who have issued more than 20 orders. A basket without a minimum order, discounts (up to 12%) are provided for the purchase of goods, a multiple package or box. The wholesale price changes automatically. Possibility of sending the order by cash on delivery without prepayment. The opportunity to study all the materials of the site, take part in promotions and sales.


The status can be assigned only once, when ordering at least 200 USD. Discount for most goods is 14% when buying from 1 package or box. The price for all goods changes immediately after the assignment of the status and the entrance to your office. Cash on delivery is supported. Possibility to pay for the order by bank transfer. The minimum order in the basket is 200 cu. Only for registered customers.


    Clients, entrepreneurs, employees of the site who work with us on favorable terms, provide their services or goods, place links on their sites and groups. All goods are sold at a discount of 14% without regard to quantity, the possibility of deferred payment for 25 days, the possibility of writing off the payment. The status is assigned only to registered customers who have been moderated.


    Customers who are engaged in the processing of prefabricated orders. The status is assigned after the submission of data, a link to a site or group in social networks. Almost all the goods are sold at a discount of 14%. Ability to ship and complete orders on your behalf. One-time payment for all orders. Cash on delivery is not supported. Possibility of payment in advance and reservation of goods. For foreign customers all the statuses are supported, the only difference is the delivery amount, which is up to $ 50 for any order amount and depends on the weight of the parcel.

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