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Instructions for using the press to install accessories!

Instructions for using the press to install accessories!

2019-04-13 21:24:04   0   788

Dear users and customers of the site, a gold tailor, I want to tell you about how and with what it is possible to install sewing accessories not only in workshops, but also at home. I will try to use the simplest statement. The manual pre-revolutionary methods of the hammer and chisel will immediately be thrown back. Consider the most common, inexpensive and relatively high-quality press for installing accessories, made in China, the principles of its operation and possible configurations. Let's start with its main characteristics — material: cast iron; height without lever: 203 mm; lever length: 295 mm; installation platform height: 58 mm; thread diameter of the upper punch: 6 * 1.25 mm or 8 mm * 1 mm. Depending on this parameter, different equipment is used to install sewing accessories.

Matrices — devices designed to install buttons, grommets, holniten, etc., suitable for a particular press. The most common matrix with the thread of the upper punch 6 * 1.25 mm, which are presented on the site by a gold tailor. Diameter of the mounting hole of the lower platform: 19 mm; installation platform width: 99 mm; thickness of the lower platform: 21 mm; spring height: 47 mm. Press complete set: adjusting mechanism; lever arm; 5.5 mm * 70 mm bolt for mounting the lever; 5.5 mm * 55 mm bolt for fixing the lever; 4.5 mm * 22 mm bolt for fixing the spring; adapter of the lower punch; 4.5 mm * 22 mm bolt for fixing the adapter. So, there are many methods for installing sewing accessories, but the most practical and less costly is to install using a press to install accessories manufactured in Turkey. Which is presented in the online shop of sewing accessories a golden tailor. The main difference is the lever length of 270 mm and the height of the mounting platform 80 mm. Using this device, you can perform the following types of work: 1. Installation of buttons of various modifications; 2. Installation of eyelets (block); 3. Installation of holniten; 4. Installation of jeans buttons; 5. Tight buttons with various materials; 6. Installation of tight buttons; 7. Punching holes in various materials.

Be careful, for the installation of accessories of various shapes and sizes, an appropriate matrix (punch) is required, which is not included. You can buy a huge selection of matrices for various types of work and the press on the website a gold tailor wholesale and retail. In turn, we will consider all types of installation accessories and matrices intended for their installation: buttons, eyelets, holders, tight buttons in the following sections, which you can buy at the exclusive tailor’s sewing accessories store, where specialists are ready to help you, tell and quickly send order after its execution and payment. Are there really no discounts for regular customers? Wholesale customers? Free shipping? Of course there is. We work for you and will gladly discuss all terms of cooperation. An online store of sewing accessories a golden tailor is waiting for you with an open-heart and a pure soul.

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