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Leather Mulberry bags how to choose the original?

Leather Mulberry bags how to choose the original?

2015-08-15 12:15:08   0   25

The winter goes at full speed, and fashionable houses as always on a step ahead and already in all are occupied with advertizing of new fashion lines, footwear and accessories. So the other day the English Mulberry brand known for the firm bags presented the advertizing campaign devoted to the forthcoming season spring-summer 2014.

The famous top model Kara Delevin took part in a fashionable photoset. On the idea which became already tradition, the girl posed in the room reminding a paradise garden in an environment of animals. This time instead of owls dogs, a pony, a parrot and a stork appeared them. The main emphasis on a photo is certainly turned to leather bags and clutches from the summer Mulberry collection.

The new line of accessories is executed by designers in an aristocratic key, with characteristics: correct geometrical lines and minimum of a decor. Natural materials, qualitative accessories and the main colors of a season white, coral and orange – the main concepts of a new line of leather bags from Mulberry spring-summer 2014.

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