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Leather Chanel bags: ruler spring-summer 2014

Leather Chanel bags: ruler spring-summer 2014

2015-08-15 12:12:22   0   32

Women of fashion of the whole world, tremble, the luxury Chanel brand once again opened the doors to the world of the French chic and magnificence embodied in the delightful, enjoying improbable popularity accessories. The other day the well-known fashionable house officially presented to public a spring and summer collection of leather bags 2014.

It should be noted at once that the design group tried wonderfully well. The line of accessories of Chanel 2014 turned out spring-summer is very various and rich in new ideas and unexpected transformations. A familiar style of bags clutches "Chanel Boy" which can be met in a collection of accessories of any woman of fashion in the forthcoming season by the main favourite today among cult bags of Chanel as the whole series of various interpretations under the name By Night and Chevron is devoted to it. And also in a new collection it is possible to meet bright backpacks, plastic bags babies, fashionable knitted bags on two handles, flat bags tablets and мн. B'day.

Among materials as always in favourites a genuine leather of various manufacture and its various combinations with textiles. In color the absolute confusion inherent in summer cruise collections, from classical monophonic decisions, to bright saturated shades, ornament various prints, and also application of such modern receptions as presence of color gradients, metal gloss, etc.

Leather Chanel bags 2014 will appear spring-summer on sale in firm boutiques worldwide in January, 2014, so that each woman of fashion had enough time carefully to be prepared for a new season.

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